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Bike Week in Oct. 2019 | October 17-20, 2019 Daytona Beach, FL, USA

updated Wednesday Feb. 19, 2020 11:42pm
Check back every week to view new content from bike show, interviews with builder, judge, and others photos, stories, and videos of bike shows from Friday and Saturday and Saturday's morning rain.
Centerfold of Elvis.


Interview with bike builder part 1 video 100_2496.MP4

Video of bike part 2 video 100_2536.MP4

Bikes in the big top out of the rain part 1 video 100_2501.MP4

Bikes in the big top out of the rain part 2 video 100_2531.MP4

Triumph with real metal fenders, Tony was knocking on the fenders the other day, pay attention to the connecting rods by the feet

Post-Tropical Storm Nestor
did we say rain 4 min and 6 second time lapsed video started right before the first bike came in 2000_0107_101106_010.MP4
did we say rain 4 min and 22 second time lapsed video 2000_0107_122830_012.MP4

How the judging happens at the RAT'S HOLE CUSTOM BIKE SHOWS INC. and some history(Karl Smith) 100_2479.MP4

At Biketoberfest 2019 Daytona Beach we have a very famous model from Wynwood Walls who did a music video in 2015(, 1:36, , 1:53-1:54, 2:26-2:28, 2:47-2:49, 3:01-3:02, 3:26-3:28) at the Saturday Bike Show. You can recognize her by her painted heels. Also (Michael Bay - Awesome - Model)
last minute rider
we will have a write up about this story
DJ started the morning right rain 100_2485.MP4

tattoo contests and winners 100_2537.MP4

awards presentation winners 100_2549.MP4


awards presentation winners 1 of 2 100_2434.MP4
awards presentation winners 2 of 2 100_2435.MP4

everyone calls it the dragon bike(just in time for halloween) 100_2408.MP4

dragon bike and the rest of the bikes 1 of x 100_2409.MP4

the rest of the bikes 2 of x 100_2410.MP4

the rest of the bikes 3 of x 100_2411.MP4

the rest of the bikes 4 of x 100_2412.MP4

the rest of the bikes 5 of x 100_2413.MP4

the rest of the bikes 6 of x 100_2414.MP4

the rest of the bikes 7 of x 100_2415.MP4

the rest of the bikes 8 of x 100_2416.MP4

the rest of the bikes 9 of x 100_2417.MP4

the rest of the bikes 10 of x 100_2418.MP4

the rest of the bikes 11 of x 100_2419.MP4

the rest of the bikes 12 of x 100_2420.MP4

the rest of the bikes 13 of x 100_2421.MP4

the rest of the bikes 14 of x 100_2422.MP4

the rest of the bikes 15 of x 100_2423.MP4

the rest of the bikes 16 of x 100_2428.MP4

the rest of the bikes 17 of x 100_2430.MP4

the rest of the bikes 18 of x 100_2431.MP4

the rest of the bikes 19 of x 100_2432.MP4

the rest of the bikes 20 of x 100_2433.MP4

Monday Oct. 14, 2019.
Sat. and Sun. was nice days from riding. Some bikes in town and a photo shoot at CMMC on Sunday.
    Daytona Beach BikeWeek 2019 Sat.
show bikes 100_2374.MP4 swiss winner is the green trike (third bike in video)
show bikes photo shoot at end 100_2375.MP4
show bikes with Nellie 100_2376.MP4
show bikes 100_2377.MP4
show bikes 100_2378.MP4
show bikes 100_2379.MP4
show bikes 100_2388.MP4
tatoo winners couple 100_2385.MP4
You can find there tatoos at and
awards 100_2401.MP4
awards winners 100_2406.MP4
awards winners 100_2407.MP4
Missing is fourth place baggers due to batteries, will add your name.
2000_0104_210653_010.MP4 awards winners 1080p 60fps
2000_0104_211154_011.MP4 awards winners 1080p 60fps
2000_0104_211654_012.MP4 swiss-motor awards winner 1080p 60fps
2000_0104_211944_013.MP4 group awards winners 1080p 60fps
2000_0104_212517_010.MP4 turboed bike 1080p 60fps
2000_0104_212940_010.MP4 swiss-motor awards winner riding to center stage 1080p 60fps no sound
2000_0104_213251_010.MP4 swiss-motor awards winner photo op 1080p 60fps no sound
2000_0104_213648_011.MP4 swiss-motor awards winner flames from exhauste 1080p 60fps no sound
coming soon video about Beach St. and Main St.
seen a electric 3 wheeler bike roaming Beach St. and Main St.

real bike from show

vids from Main St. 2000_0104_232001_010.MP4 2000_0105_003139_010.MP4 2000_0105_004502_010.MP4
    Daytona Beach BikeWeek 2019 Fri.
V8 bike parade at Indian Motorcycle dealership on Beach St. 100_2315.MP4
2000_0103_164918_010.MP4 V8 bike parade at Indian Motorcycle dealership on Beach St. 1080p 60fps

boardwalk show 1 of 2 29min. 2019 100_2318.MP4

boardwalk show 2 of 2 5min. 20sec. 2019 100_2319.MP4

    Daytona Beach BikeWeek 2019
Ted Smith introducing Bike Week show right next to Indian Motorcycle dealership on Beach St. on Saturday for 2019 100_2288.MP4 Don't miss out on Bike Week 2019.

on 2nd Ave. or Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Blvd.

    Daytona Beach BiketoberFest 2018
Video from Ted Smith on August 11, 2018 at race in Sturgis Motorcycle Rally of electric bikes that won the race in unlimited class.
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally electric bikes 100_2284.MP4
Ted Smith introducing electric bike class for Bike Week show 2019 in Daytona Beach. See inquire within, Rat's Hole Custom Bike Shows
Ted Smith introducing electric bike class for Bike Week show 2019 100_2286.MP4 New models coming soon.
    Daytona Beach BiketoberFest 2018
7-27-2018 Interview on Carl's Speed Shop on its final day with Carl Morrow with wife.
Carl Morrow history part 1 unedited 13:58 min
Carl Morrow history part 2 unedited 5:27 min
Carl Morrow with wife history part 3 unedited 1:16
Filmed on location at 100_2272.JPG

  Daytona Beach Bikeweek 2018
V-8 Bike Parade info 30 seconds
V-8 Bike Parade 5 min. 52 sec.
Bike Show bikes 1 of 3 22 min. 34 sec.
Bike Show awards 2 of 3 24 min. 33 sec.
Bike Show awards 3 of 3 17 min. 52 sec.
    Biketoberfest 2009 Fizzles out - "you just didn't hear the bikes like you used to". What local in their right mind would go out to eat during Biketoberfest? Wasn't a problem this year. No lines, no waiting. When's the last time you could belly up to the bar during a Biketoberfest? Certainly not a problem this year.  
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