Biketoberfest 2009 fizzles out

Biketoberfest is the last hurray for northern bikers. This years Biketoberfest numbers may show good news (or so they say) , but are the numbers correct? We think not. Locals comment, "you just didn't hear the bikes like you used to". What local in their right mind would go out to eat during Biketoberfest? Wasn't a problem this year. No lines, no waiting. When's the last time you could belly up to the bar during a Biketoberfest? Certainly not a problem this year. We stopped in to see the girls at Whiskey Pete's (formerly the squeeze Inn), Saturday of Biketoberfest 2009. Deadsville. There were lots of Florida tags this year, and few out of staters.

Harley Davidson didn't even bother showing up at the speedway. This year (2009), there were a lot of local tags showing, and main street was packed for a few hours, but nothing like years past. The economy and local businesses may be strangling the October event. Hotels just haven't gotten the word, times are bad. People aren't willing to spend their life savings on a week's event. The junk vendors are taking over, focused on selling T-Shirts, crap jackets and other flea market quality stuff.

Even the gas stations rape bikers. Adding .10 to the price of a gallon of gas for the even. Locals are glad it's over, prices go down. 4 and 5 dollar beers are the norm at local biker bars during Biketoberfest. As one event goer said, "I can tour route 66 from one end to the other for what it cost me here for 5 days".

So how many helmet stickers and pins can you look at?

What's it look like for Bikeweek 2010? Gloomy with a chance of  same high prices. It's time hotels and establishments cater to the bikerweek crowd instead of putting on the bandit mask. Bikers have long paid much too much for rooms in Daytona during the events.

Let's hope Harley's financial problems allow them to return to Daytona in 2010.