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Bikeweek Magazine has been an online magazine since 2003,  Regularly issued,  Supported by advertising , Operated with editorial independence from any political, governmental, commercial, or special interest group, Not a house organ of any organization or movement, Published primarily for the dissemination of news.

If it has to do with motorcycles, you'll see it here first. Entertaining, controversial and standing up to be counted.

We take on the big guys, for our readers -  scoops.

Bikeweek has change the format of our online magazine, and is moving to real news and issues concerning motorcycling. We are beholding to no one.

We enjoy the rights and privileges under the 1st amendment and we use them wisely to bring you the scoops.

You may have noticed, our articles are gone, our advertising has disappeared, the fluffy news is no longer available and some features are no longer available. We're re-designing and coming back strong with real motorcycle news and issues that affect motorcyclists. We are the source.