Military Sport Bike Training Exposed

Military Sport Bike training as ineffective as the BRC another scam?

Military Sport Bike Training Exposed more deaths more injuries, Motorcycle
manufacturers have convinced a great number of people including Military brass, they can make their product safe (and prevent real steps to prevent crashes and fatalities, by the state and federal government), It's (MSF) mission, according to its bylaws is to promote and foster the motorcycle industry. by providing training (selling their product by providing candy coated training and preventing steps that would make the licensing and purchasing motorcycles more difficult) - Buy - Buy - Buy. Well, study after study proves MSF training doesn't work, it may increase crashes.
Rider Training Program exposed.
If the match industry were dependant on children buying their product, We'd have the Match Safety Foundation - teaching children to  play with fire safely.

The real answer to motorcycle deaths and injuries is totally unacceptable to the motorcycle industry. An integrated communications based process is needed where soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen are informed and persuaded not to ride motorcycles or purchase them , a tiered licensing system implemented and incentives for military personnel not to ride motorcycles.  Educational intervention is the key (not skills practice) -  children are playing with fire. The military need to establish and stick to unambiguous rules. clear and consistent supervision, Motorcycles kill. Risk taking behavior is not stopped by throwing kids a book of matches and telling them to play safe. Candy coated risks presentations won't overcome testosterone driven risk takers. The motorcycle industry (MSF) wants soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen buying motorcycles.

Until the military provides incentives for soldiers, marines, sailors and airman not to purchase sport bikes or ride motorcycles, the death rates will continue to climb. Some success may be gained by deterring them to ride by making it harder to get on a sports bike, by simply making sport bike training mandatory, the relief will be temporary.

It's time for generals, and Admirals being lead through the forest like a little girls, to take a step back and see where they are going. The MSF may be the great and powerful Oz, Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.. The former "Motorcycle Industry Council Safety and Education Foundation", now called the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (a Lobbying group for the motorcycle industry), has different goals.

. As military deaths continue to raise even after military personnel taking the MSF course, The military is now turning to the MSF, yet again, for a sports bike training course. Unfortunately, in the civilian world, a motorcycle license is a motorcycle license.  The Army has seen increased deaths, too, from 22 in 2004 to 51 in 2008. The motorcycle industry has it's own priorities and the appearance of safety may be one of them, let the stats tell the story. The MSF may be the great and powerful Oz,  The American Motorcycle Association analysis of an insurance industry report notes that the report actually demonstrates that younger, less-experienced riders are more prone to crash than older riders, regardless of the type of bike they're riding.

The former "Motorcycle Industry Council Safety and Education Foundation", now called the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (a Lobbying group for the motorcycle industry), may not have been the best choice and certainly aren't expected to be truthful or unbiased.

. Studies indicate, it's not the style of motorcycle that's dangerous as much as the demographics (age) of riders who select sport bikes. Until the military wakes up, and lets go of the MSF hand leading them to disaster our young boys will continue to die. Strong incentives should be implemented to prevent our soldiers, Sailors, Marines and airman from riding motorcycles.  They're too young, there's too much testosterone and no amount of skills practice will prevent crashes. The MAIDS study shows us that most motorcycle crashes happen with the rider riding straight ahead and took no braking or evasive action. Skills play a very insignificant role. Young risk takers just ride with their heads up their butts.

The military has some of the finest minds in the world, come up with a plan to prevent these young men from riding motorcycles.  Damn it man, wake up - you're being scammed.


Story by Steve Spoke